Golden Mile enbloc Property into Residential, Office, Retail and Medical Suites

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The enbloc Golden Mile property will be redeveloped into a mixed development with Residential, Office, Retail and Medical suites. This is as stated on the locations hoarding boards.

Conserved building Golden Mile Complex sold en bloc property for S$700 million to consortium

The building will be “sensitively restored”, with special attention paid to retaining its key features and signature terraced profile, said its buyers.

Golden Mile Complex has been sold for S$700 million to a consortium comprising Perennial Holdings, Sino Land, and Far East Organization, its sole marketing agent Edmund Tie said on Friday (May 6, 2022)

Golden Mile地块将被重建为集住宅、办公、零售和医疗为一体的综合开发项目。这一点已在地段围板上标明。
Golden Mile保护建筑以 7 亿新元的价格整体出售给财团。买方表示,将对该建筑进行 “精心修复”,特别注意保留其主要特征和标志性的梯田外形。

Property mix of Residential, Office, Retail and Medical Suites

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