Tekka Place (former The Verge) redeveloped Commercial Property

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320 serviced apartments and 70,000 sq ft of retail concepts with 80 shops

Tekka Place is a mixed-use development that is part of the Little India district in Singapore. Please note that details about specific developments can change, and it’s recommended to verify the latest information from official sources or real estate professionals.

Here are some key points about Tekka Place:

  1. Location: Tekka Place is situated in Little India, a vibrant and culturally rich district in Singapore. It is located along Serangoon Road, near the Tekka Centre.
  2. Formerly The Verge: Tekka Place was formerly known as The Verge. The development underwent a rebranding and redevelopment process to transform into Tekka Place.
  3. Mixed-Use Development: Tekka Place is a mixed-use development, meaning it combines residential, commercial, and retail spaces in one integrated complex.
  4. Facilities and Amenities: Mixed-use developments typically offer a range of facilities and amenities, such as retail shops, dining options, offices, and residential units. The specific offerings at Tekka Place would be outlined by the developers.
  5. Cultural and Historical Context: Little India is known for its cultural diversity, vibrant markets, and historical landmarks. Tekka Place, being part of this district, likely integrates elements that reflect the character of Little India.
  6. Connectivity: Proximity to transportation hubs and accessibility are important factors for developments in Singapore. Tekka Place would likely offer convenient access to public transportation options.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information about Tekka Place, including details about the development, available units, and amenities, it is recommended to check with the developers or official representatives of Tekka Place. You can also consult with real estate professionals who specialize in the Singapore property market for insights into the current status of the development.

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