Tengah Hospital

Source: Today Online https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/new-hospital-tengah-early-2030s-public-hospitals-add-4000-beds-over-next-6-years-ong-ye-kung-2376026

A new integrated general and community hospital will be built in Tengah Town by the early 2030s, said Minister for Health Ong Ye Kung

The new hospital will help to serve the growing population in the western region of Singapore

About 4,000 public hospital beds will also be added from now to 2030 across various medical facilities

MIC@Home, which was initially offered on a trial basis since 2022, will become a regular service at public hospitals to let eligible patients receive care from the comfort of their own homes

卫生部表示,将于 2030 年代初在登嘉镇新建一所综合全科和社区医院。新医院将有助于为新加坡西部地区不断增长的人口提供服务。从现在到2030年,各种医疗设施还将增加约4000张公立医院病床。MIC@Home 最初于 2022 年开始试行,将成为公立医院的一项常规服务,让符合条件的病人在舒适的家中接受治疗。

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