HDB BTO Feb 2024 Subscription Rate

Source: HDB

HDB launched 5,714 flats for sale today, under the Feb 2024 Build-To-Order (BTO) and Sale of Balance Flats (SBF) exercises. Of these, 4,126 BTO flats are offered across seven new BTO projects in different estates. Five out of the seven BTO projects, or over 80% of the BTO flats launched, have a waiting time of less than 3 and a half years. Another 1,588 SBF units, located across various towns/estates, are also being offered for sale.

This is the first of the three BTO launches in 2024, with 19,600 new flats to be launched in total.

建屋局在2024年2月的 BTO 和 SBF 活动中,今天推出5714个单位出售。其中,4,126个BTO单位是在不同屋苑的七个新BTO项目中推出的。在这 7 个 BTO 项目中,有 5 个项目(占推出的 BTO 单位的 80%以上)的轮候时间少于 3 年半。此外,还有 1,588 个位于不同城镇/屋苑的小型屋宇销售单位正在发售。

这是 2024 年推出的三个 BTO 项目中的第一个,总共将推出 19,600 个新单位。

Singapore Property BTO Feb 2024 subscription 1
Singapore Property BTO Feb 2024 subscription 1

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