Malaysia Automated Clearance System (MACS)

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With the intention to support the economic development of Iskandar Malaysia, MACS is developed to help saving the passport pages of non-Malaysian investors, business persons and professionals. The scope of MACS service is expanded to frequent travellers among the Citizens and Permanent Residents of Singapore and for those who are holding any relevant long term immigration pass in Malaysia and frequently travel between Malaysia and Singapore for the purpose of working, studying and staying in Malaysia.

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Malaysia has implemented various automated clearance systems and programs to enhance immigration processes and facilitate smoother entry for travelers.

One such system is the Automated Clearance System (eGate), which allows eligible travelers to use automated kiosks for immigration clearance at selected entry points. This system aims to expedite the immigration process by using biometric technology for identity verification.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on automated clearance systems in Malaysia, including MACS or any new developments, it is recommended to check with official sources such as the Immigration Department of Malaysia or other relevant government agencies. They would provide details on the latest systems, eligibility criteria, and the locations where these systems are available.

Keep in mind that advancements in immigration and clearance systems can occur, and new programs may be introduced to improve the efficiency of border controls. Checking with official government sources or contacting relevant authorities directly will provide the most reliable and current information on automated clearance systems in Malaysia.

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