Sunway Iskandar Property, near to Tuas checkpoint Singapore

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A short distance from Tuas checkpoint, most of their properties are sold on LH129.

Sunway Iskandar

unway Iskandar is a large-scale integrated development located in Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia. It is a township development by the Sunway Group, offering a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational components. Tuas Checkpoint, on the other hand, is a land border crossing between Singapore and Malaysia.

While Sunway Iskandar and Tuas Checkpoint are in relatively close geographic proximity, they are in different countries—Sunway Iskandar in Malaysia, and Tuas Checkpoint in Singapore. Here are some points regarding their locations:

  1. Geographic Proximity: Sunway Iskandar is located in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia, specifically in the Iskandar region in Johor. Tuas Checkpoint is situated in the western part of Singapore.
  2. Travel Between Sunway Iskandar and Tuas Checkpoint:
    • The distance between Sunway Iskandar and Tuas Checkpoint is approximately 30 kilometers, making it accessible by road.
    • Travelers from Sunway Iskandar to Tuas Checkpoint typically use the Second Link, which is the Tuas-Second Link bridge connecting Johor to Singapore.
  3. Transportation Options:
    • Private vehicles, taxis, and buses are common modes of transportation between Sunway Iskandar and Tuas Checkpoint.
    • The Tuas-Second Link bridge facilitates smooth traffic flow for commuters traveling between Malaysia and Singapore.
  4. Border Crossing Procedures:
    • Travelers using the Tuas-Second Link bridge will go through immigration and customs clearance procedures at both the Malaysian and Singaporean checkpoints.
  5. Development in Iskandar Region:
    • Sunway Iskandar is part of the broader development plans in the Iskandar region, which aims to transform the area into a sustainable and integrated metropolis.

For the most up-to-date and specific information regarding travel between Sunway Iskandar and Tuas Checkpoint, as well as any changes or developments since my last update, it is recommended to check with official immigration authorities, transportation agencies, or relevant government sources in both Malaysia and Singapore. Travel requirements and procedures may be subject to change, and official sources will provide accurate and current information.

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